Your professional platform for fundamental analysis
Reliable. Comprehensive. Intuitive.

Financial data of all German publicly traded companies

A wide range of analytical features, balance sheets, profit-loss and cash flows. Furthermore over 30 ratios and indicators.

Fast share screening

With our screener, you can filter shares very quickly according to your criteria.

Complete financial statements

Unified and clear looking Balance Sheets, Profit/Loss and Cash Flow calculations of the past 10 years.

Individual ratios overview

Choose which kind of ratios you want to use and compare, so you keep always structure in your analysis.

Simultaneous company comparison

No matter if specific or across all sectors, you can compare all corporations according to your selections and ratios.

Why AnaGhuba?

What makes AnaGhuba so special compared to other financial portals
The no. 1 in fundamental analysis for German Companies

Number one in fundamental dates

  • Complete, structured financial statements of the past 10 years

  • Compare more ratios and indicators simultany

  • Pre-calculated ratios with data and calculating method

  • Compare the instruments between industries and companies

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